The Brook

The Brook
on Broadwaters


A range of specialist programmes designed for the benefit of pupils and their families will be delivered each year. These can include Communication systems such as Makaton and PECS; eating and drinking; behaviour programmes and much, much more. Cygnet work shops - supporting parents with children on the autistic spectrum.

In 2023 we offered a seven weeks course to EYFS parents, and a selection of other parents.

The course covered a range of topics including what is autism, sensory issues, communication, and understanding and supporting behaviour.

We had a 70% attendance rate. A significant number of parents rated the Cygnet course as excellent.

Brook parents receiving their Cygnet certificate for attending a 7-week training courseBrook parents receiving their Cygnet certificate
for attending the 7-week training course in 2023

Some comments from the parent course evaluation forms:

It was a positive experience, was nice to meet and get together with other parents. Always good to learn, can never know too much

I found the STAR approach most helpful as it helped my reaction to be more beneficial to my son

This programme was instrumental in helping me meeting other parents and exchanging strategies and tips.


We ran Cygnet again for reception and new parents of Children in Year 1 to Year 3, in Spring 2024. 


The Home School Coordinator will make sure that you are aware of what is on offer for you and your child each term.

Contact:  Felicia Rock on 020 8808 7120