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Permissions & Medications

You will find here a number of permission forms/slips for medication and permissions.


If you wish your child to receive medication during the school day then you will need to complete a consent form for each medication and return this to the school nurse. All medication must have a pharmacy label with the child's name, dose to be given and date dispensed. 

Medication Consent Form


Safe Use of Images

Permissions for your child to be photographed/videoed

GDPR Safe Use of Images consent form

Multidisciplinary Team

Access to the Multidisciplinary Team meetings for your child plus the reasoning behind this

MDT meetings permission
MDT meetings explained


Other forms will follow for particular permissions when appropriate eg Pendarren School Journey so watch this space!!

If you haven't yet filled in any of the above please do so and send to school in your child's bag - thank you!