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Summer Term 2022

Welcome back to all of our pupils as we enter the Summer Term of this academic year.  We were delighted that last term ended wonderfully with our Royal Banquet as part of our immersive Humanities Fortnight, and were proud that some of our pupils sang superbly at the Haringey Music Festival at the Royal Albert Hall.

Easter club was also very successful and many thanks to the staff who ensured that those of our pupils who attended, had an action packed, fun filled and stimulating week.

Term starts on Tuesday 19th April for everyone.

Thank you for all of your support with our initiatives to keep the school functioning appropriately during the COVID pandemic.  We are very, very proud that we have never closed the school as it is testament to our staff’s commitment to our pupils and families and our families’ commitment to their children’s wellbeing and education that this has been possible.  If your child is at home because he/she has COVID symptoms or is ill, then we will keep in contact with you but your child is not expected to complete any work as they are ill.  If they are isolating as a precaution, then a learning pack will be available to you with the  Brook online videos   supporting the learning.  A member of the class team will make contact with you at the beginning and end of the week to see how the learning is progressing and if there are other resources you require.  As always, you are welcome to touch base with us at any time during this isolation period and we will do whatever we can to assist.

We will always let you know by text or email if there are any significant changes to your child’s routine or if the Government roadmap changes and we need to put other things in place.  It is clear that, gradually, we will be able to do more inclusive activities but we will ensure that your children’s wellbeing, safety and learning remain our top priority.

Please do make contact with your class team, a member of SLT or myself if you have any queries or concerns


Information about mental health and Covid-19 services from the Children and Young People Mental Health Service, Haringey here

Stay at home: guidance for households with Covid or suspected Covid from gov.uk

The Brook Senior Leadership Team
Maureen Duncan, Headteacher     Edward Putman, Assistant Head     Sukina Campos, Deputy Head

If you are a parent, a professional or a member of our local community, then you are always welcome to come and visit us and see for yourselves how innovative our learning community is and to share in our pupils’ successes.
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