School Videos  

Literacy: Phonics/Stories

The Colour Monster, Story Book  The Colour Monster, with actions  Giraffes can't dance, Story Book
Ruby's Worry, Story Book Ruby's Worry with actions Giraffes can't dance, with actions
My Two Grannies, Story Book The Gingerbread Man, Story Book The Three Little Pigs, Story Book
The 3 Little Pigs, with actions Goldilocks and the Three Bears Goldilocks and the 3 Bears, actions
The Gingerbread Man with actions The Smartest Giant in Town The Smartest Giant in Town, actions
Tale of Two Socks ( extras ) Bocchi, Pocchi and the Bird
Hair Love
Choo Choo Clickety Clack! ... ...


The Big and Little song The Even Numbers The Odd Numbers


Cooking with Jesmin - Potato Salad The body The face
Inside the body Cooking with Jesmin - Scones Jesmin's Chicken Soup
Cooking with Jesmin - Porridge Not currently available Not currently available
Not currently available Cooking with Jesmin - Sushi ...

PSED / Wellbeing

Mindfulness with Chia Meditation with Chia Yoga with Deirdre and Sitron (1)
Yoga with Deirdre and Sitron (2) Yoga, Level 1 with a pupil PE Session 1
PE Session 3 Yoga with Deirdre and Sitron (4) ...
PE with Maria From Whitefield (1) PE with Maria From Whitefield (2) PE with Maria From Whitefield (3)
Warm Up - Maria From Whitefield Jumping with Maria From Whitefield Reactions - Maria From Whitefield

Songs / Music

The Family Song – Maria Drumming: Africa Song Drumming: Happy Song
 Drumming:  Ghanaian Girl  Drumming: Recorder & Percussion Song: Who are my neighbours?
Body Percussion 1 Call response Fast and Loud
Fast and Slow Fly away home Numbers

Makaton: Signing

Session 1: Home and School Session 2: Home and Food Session 3: Food
Session 4: Colours and Animals ... ...

Attention / Autism

 "How do you feel?" with signing ... ...


Celebrating African Heritage Month ... ...
Play and Learn, Deirdre & Thibaut  Mark and the flower Let's make more balloons!
"Guess the Story" with Mark Let's make a dog with Mark ...
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