The Brook Primary Special School Curriculum

Our INTENT is to provide a a rich, relevant and creative curriculum for our pupils. Our bespoke spiral curriculum allows pupils to revisit a topic, theme or subject several times throughout their school career- this reinforces and solidifies the knowledge gained within the subject matter. 

The complexity of the topic or theme increases with each re-visit and knowledge is built on allowing for a logical progression from simplistic ideas to more complicated ideas. The curriculum provides appropriate stretch and challenge to the more able pupils across the school, with opportunities for pupils to take part in intervention groups within the Brook and also with our mainstream partner, The Willow school.

The IMPLEMENTATION of our spiral curriculum embraces the fact that our pupils do not learn in a linear way. Teachers plan lessons that allow our unique pupils to to be taught through a variety of approaches throughout the day. We recognise that some of our pupils will need a great deal of on-going structured support and sensory input, whereas others will become increasingly more independent.

The IMPACT of  our spiral curriculum is that  it allows knowledge to become skills which our pupils can effectively transfer to all other aspects of their lives. Sometimes our pupils are taught skills and this becomes knowledge. We positively and honestly address all our pupils’ individual learning needs and challenge them to make expected or better than expected progress year on year.

Teaching and Learning

At The Brook we do not follow one approach to teaching and learning. We expect and develop teachers to have a ‘tool kit’ approach, this means knowing and understanding different methodologies. Some of the methods our teachers use are TEACCH, Intensive interaction, techniques associated with Attention Autism, TACPAC, incorporating therapies into teaching e.g. Occupational Therapy sensory techniques/sensory circuits. All of this takes place within the National Autistic Societies ‘SPELL‘ Framework.

Global Learning

The Brook Special School Curriculum has an embedded Global and MFL element which supports our pupils to explore and question the world around them. It promotes critical thinking, advocates social justice and encourages learners to apply their learning to real-world issues. It promotes an understanding of different cultures, customs and mother tongue languages. Education for global citizenship is not an additional subject – it is a framework for learning, reaching beyond school to the wider community. It is promoted in class through the existing curriculum, initiatives and activities.


Embedded within all subject areas, and included within topic schemes of work, are opportunities to enrich the curriculum through ICT, Inclusion, Community and Educational Visits and teaching and learning in the Outdoors. We also provide pupils with experiences from visiting artists, musicians and sports specialists, who contribute hugely to the expertise of The Brook Special School and widen our pupils’ exposure to the world outside of the school environment.   Joint festivals, celebration days and specific curriculum focussed days which are held termly with the Willow pupils are also crucial aspects of our enrichment curriculum.


This is central to everything we do at The Brook. We put high value on all of our pupils being able to use language within a total communication framework. This includes non-verbal and verbal communication, intensive interaction, objects of reference, gestures, signing, symbols, additional communication aids, ICT and speech.

Respecting and developing ‘pupil voice’ is one of our strengths. We help our pupils find and use their voice and at times act as an advocate on their behalf. Their thoughts, opinions and attitudes are considered throughout every area of the curriculum.

At The Brook School we work within a bespoke RESPECT mindset which encourages our pupils’ social and emotional growth. Themes from the Respect mindset are woven into the curriculum to encourage resilience and independence, so that pupils can reach their full potential. The RESPECT mindset is one of the core values upheld by every member of our school community.


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