Covid-19: What will September 2020 in the Brook look like?


What will the times of the school day be?  What are the arrangements for children coming to school?

Borough transport is being put in place and if your child will be coming by bus, then the Borough will make arrangements for you.  The school day for children on transport starts at 9.00am and finishes at 3.00pm.

If you are bringing your child to school then school will start at 9.15am and finish at 3.15pm .  The main school gate will be opened no earlier than 9.15am so please do not come any earlier.  An appropriate, partially enclosed waiting area will be erected in the garden and you are asked to socially distance with your child until your class team come to collect you.  At 3.15pm you will be able to come on site and wait there until your child is brought to you.

Will you still be taking temperatures?

Public Health England and the Government have said that temperatures should not be taken. If, however, a child or staff member feels unwell and feverish we will follow our usual procedures.

Does my child need to wear uniform?

As it is ‘business as near to normal’ as possible, we ask that children wear uniform.  If, however, it has been impossible to source it then appropriately similar coloured clothing is requested until the correct uniform is bought.   Children will also need a swimming costume and towel and also a teeshirt and shorts (any design/colour) and plimsolls or trainers for PE.

What is happening in school to help children distance?

Whilst we cannot keep the Brook school separate we will be keeping separate from the Willow. We are, therefore,  using separate entrances.  The Brook entrance is the main school gate.  We have separated the corridors by markers on the floor so that everyone walks on the left near to the wall .  When we are going up and down stairs we look to see if anyone else is using the stairs and we wait until that group have passed. Toilets have been allocated to specific groups to keep them as separate as possible.  We also have rotas for the playground and shared spaces so that only certain groups can use them at a certain time.


What are you doing about bubbles?

In order to be able to have social interaction and to be able to differentiate our teaching we have two types of bubbles.  We have the class bubble – which will be four adults and seven or eight children – who are in one classroom.  They will spend much of the school day together.  There will also be family bubbles.  This is where classes next to each other – or across the corridor - will be able to work together, go on outings together and be taught together.  They will not mix with other family bubbles nor with Willow children.  The Government have said that we can put a different staff member into the bubbles to cover if someone has to be away.

What hygiene do you have in place?

Hand washing has always been part of our regular daily routine but we are now adding it specifically to the timetable so that our children wash their hands much more regularly.  We also have a cleaner on site at all times now who is constantly washing communal areas and cleaning toilets.  In classrooms, staff have disinfectant spray that they use to clean surfaces – this is part of our regular maintenance and classroom organisation.  There is also hand sanitiser available for additional protection.

Are you using PPE?

The Government and Public Health England have said that masks should not be worn in school. We agree with this because our children will either be frightened of them or will be so fascinated that they will want to touch adults’ faces more.  Also, it is very difficult for children to be helped to communicate if the adult is wearing a mask.  However, when our adults are involved in intimate care then they will be wearing a mask, gloves and a disposable apron.  This is the practice we have adopted since lockdown and the temporary nature of the face mask has not caused the children any distress.

How are you going to manage lunches with Willow children back too?

We are very sad that the current situation means that we have to stay separate from our Willow friends.  It is not possible for us all to eat in the halls now and keep a sensible distance.  Therefore, the Brook School will have family service in their classrooms.  Each child will have a named placemat and food will be brought to each classroom by the SMSA.  Rather than queue up for lunch the children will all sit together with the adults amongst them, and they will be able to choose their lunch from a PECS or written menu.  There will be plenty of time for them to make real choices and we believe their independence skills will improve as eating can be difficult for many of our children.  We have already purchased appropriate equipment to make this possible and to ensure that the food is kept at the appropriate temperature.  Health and safety measures have also been considered.  When the time is right, we will look to re-integrate the children into the dining hall again but it is possible we will keep to the family service until the children are deemed to be able to queue purposefully for their meal. 

What is my child going to be taught?

We have already created a new spiral curriculum that we were intending to launch this September.  The first topic is ‘All About Me’.  We are going to use that curriculum but have adapted it so that we are able to help all of our children cope with being back in school.  We will be teaching all the core subjects but it will be essential for our children to have routine and structure and to be given opportunities for movement breaks and short burst of ‘downtime’.  The emphasis will be on PSED – we cannot yet predict what the emotional effects of the lockdown will have been on our children, so we will be concentrating on their wellbeing as paramount importance.  Wellbeing and academic pursuit are the way that we normally deliver our curriculum anyway.  You will be sent your child’s timetable shortly after he/she returns in September.

Are you going to have assemblies?

At the moment we are not allowed to have large gatherings so we are going to have assemblies in our family bubbles.  Our usual practice is to have one class lead an assembly on a theme and then another week we have a celebration assembly to showcase children’s successes.  What we will now do is have the designated class record their assembly and the whole school will watch it at the same time and do the activity they would ordinarily do in the hall, in their classroom.  Star of the week assemblies will be held within family bubbles and the bubble will celebrate a couple of children’s successes each week.

Will therapy continue?

We expect Speech and language therapists and the School nurse, Wendy, to be working with us again in September and Perry, our OT assistant will also be working full time.  Our music therapists will be in as well and Youcef will be taking rebound therapy sessions on a referral basis.

Will there be clubs again this year?

At the moment there will not be any after school clubs this year as it would not be possible for us to organise clubs and keep in our family bubbles.  If the situation changes then we will be very quick to offer club opportunities again.

Will my child be going on visits?

We think it is very important that our children explore the world outside of the school gates.  However, many of the places we usually visit will not be available at present.  We will be able to use the minibuses and we will take our children to outdoor spaces, parks and nature reserves.  We will always do a risk assessment before a visit to make sure it is safe.

Should I send my child into school if they are ill?

If children are unwell they should stay at home until they are better.  If they have vomited or have diarrhoea then they need to stay at home for 48 hours.  If your child is displaying any signs of COVID19 then they must NOT come into school and the Government guidelines are clear that you must get your child tested.  If the results are positive then you need to tell the school immediately.  If they are negative then we will expect your child back into school as soon as they are well.

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Here is some information and a phone number for parents and carers to call if they need some reassurance and support during this challenging time while schools are not fully open because of Covid-19
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According to the new Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Reforms we have to publish on our website a Brook Local Offer which lets parents/carers know exactly what they can expect from the school and what we have to offer.  It has been drawn up with advice from the Parents/Carers Advisory Group and the Governing Body and we do hope that it give you all the information you need.  If there is anything you can think of which is missing please let us know asap.  We shall be updating it as often as necessary – probably pretty often in the early days!!

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Message from Whittington Health NHS Trust

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, Whittington Health staff including school nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists and dietitians are temporarily offering essential services only. The essential service is only for children at risk due to needing urgent management of their swallowing difficulties, enteral feeding or supplements, post surgery interventions and essential equipment. This work will be carried out by video or telephone where possible, with face to face contacts only as essential. Staff are currently being redeployed to support the work of hospitals. Please email with any urgent concerns and we will endeavour to reply as soon as possible.
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