Achievement and Assessment

We celebrate our pupils' achievements throughout the year through certificates, participation in School Council, messages sent to parents and our regular reports.  We have created our own Assessment framework in collaboration with other Haringey Special schools which ensures that we are able to assess our children accurately in all aspects of the curriculum and their wellbeing.  Our systems are rigorous and every small step in progress is celebrated.  Below are the many sources of achievement in which we assess, map and report every child's progress.verall assessment, recording and reporting through:

  • Baseline assessment on admission to the school

  • Teacher assessment

  • Disapplication from the end of Key Stage Tests and Tasks if appropriate

  • Early Days Reviews

  • Person Centred Annual Reviews

  • Individual Termly Targets

  • Pre Key Stage Standards and National Curriculum standards

  • A bespoke assessment framework

  • Tapestry entries

  • Pupil profiles, where appropriate, on manual handling, eating, drinking, toileting, communication, behaviour and ICT

  • Reporting takes place through the review of the Education, Health and Care Plan, through evaluated termly targets each term and through the year on year Pre Key stage standards assessments

  • Methods of recording include video, DVD and photographs as well as work samples

  • Transition Plans

  • AQA accreditation

Recording and Assessment Policy (on the Brook Policies Page)

Analysis of progress 2020-2021

Looking at the school’s performance:
This is difficult for special schools as national statistics are currently framed in the context of comparisons with all primary schools. Nevertheless you may wish to look at the following -
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